With UCMS, maintaining the visibility and security of your contact centre operation, and empowering advisors from any location is Ultra easy

Ultracomms Call Management System (UCMS) is an omnichannel cloud contact centre solution with integrated secure payment handling software, reporting and speech analytics capabilities.

Established in early 2004, Ultracomms has provided cloud-based contact centre management solutions delivered from co-located datacentres based in the UK for over 15 years.  Ultracomms offers a full suite of digital contact management services that deliver a comprehensive and feature-rich, flexible alternative to traditional premise-based campaign management and contact centre systems.

Managing a remote working team at scale while continuing to be compliant.

The Ultracomms platform supports advisors working in office-based and remote working operations via a simple to use, intuitive omnichannel browser-based workspace. UCMS equips agents to deliver an enhanced service, with the tools, knowledge and context they require to provide an excellent customer experience wherever they’re located, using any device.

A key consideration for any business utilising customer sensitive data, especially in a remote location is compliance. By merely enabling Paysure, the in-house payment and call recording solution from Ultracomms, your business remains compliant whilst supporting your operational requirements, securing customer data and protecting your employees.

Advisor engagement and critical business decisions are effortless with Ultra Live.

Office-based or remote working, motivating your teams and managing service level agreements (SLA’s) should be effortless. Ultra-Live supports advisors, team leaders and business users to measure and manage what matters, with the minimum of setup and fuss. Ultra-Live is your personalised view of the information and data to motivate your advisors or represent those vital business metrics. Ultra-Live supports business stakeholders in making the most important of decisions within your contact centre.

Simply put, maintaining the visibility and security of your contact centre operation, and empowering engaged advisors from any location is Ultra easy.

Andy McDonald
Sales & Marketing Director, Ultracomms

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