Our Very Own ‘Secret Agent’ Santa (A Christmas Tail)

Christmas traditions don’t come any more traditional than the annual Secret Santa…; joke mugs, alcohol and choccies are also pretty standard fare.

Until this year that is.

As our team prepared for the year end update rounded off with the gift giving, one member of staff had no gift under the tree. With 2 hours to go, and no one fessing up, our Marketing Exec Amy was despatched to Tesco’s, for a last minute gift, all the time wondering just how she had managed to screw up the draw.

At the end of the meeting, as the gifts were handed out, a curious look crept across the face of our Development Director James…we’d caught him out in his own ruse to buy himself his own gift…..ah ha!

But the joke was on us after all. Under the tree sat an envelope to ‘Everyone at Ultracomms’. There, inside the envelope, was a picture of our very own dear little Cookie, a Guide Dog for the Blind whose progress we’ll all delight in following.

Thanks James for the extremely thoughtful present and for everyone in the team that makes working at Ultracomms such fun.

On behalf of all of us here, may we wish you and yours a Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year.

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